Bill Clark Tennis Academy is an exclusive year-round comprehensive tennis program with an unsurpassed track record. We have developed, not just trained, some of the nations top players for more than 30 years.

Our coaching philosophy is to encourage the development and overall self-esteem of each and every player. Our goal is to help each player achieve their personal goals and reach their maximum potential through a highly personalized approach, whether a player's goal is to play professional tennis, get a college scholarship or play in a Junior Grand Slam. We have sent more than 100 players to play college tennis at Division I, II and III schools.

Each one of the Academy staff members has played at the pro or the college level and are certified, enthusiastic and highly trained. They are adept at detection and correction in all aspects of the game. This includes technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional capacities. They are hands-on with each player and involved in every player's development including goal-setting, scheduling and periodization. We also offer professional racket (racquet) stringing services.

Bill Clark Tennis Academy has been in existence for more than 30 years. The Academy is run by Bill and his wife of 36 years, Debbie. Together they pride themselves on giving a unique combination of hands-on, personal attention to each individual student. Debbie is involved in the day-to-day running of the Academy and addresses any problems or concerns as they arise. This leaves Bill to give his undivided attention to coaching, motivating, scheduling and developing your children into the best tennis players that they can be.

Our philosophy is to meet the needs of any player of any level whether it be professional, college or high school player. We are so proud of all the home-grown talent that has come out of Bill Clark Tennis Academy. We have taken many players from the beginning level all the way to the college and professional levels. As one of our players recently told us, “Bill Clark Tennis Academy is like home, you feel good when you are here.”

To us this is the best of both worlds…you can get great coaching and achieve your goals while at the same time be surrounded by people who care about you not only as a tennis player but as a person.



Bill Clark changed my life. I saw him everyday of my life from the age of 6 to 18 and he inspired me to be the best I could be. Bill did not only shape me up to be a great tennis player but he was like a second father to me. Bill had a way of getting to his players in a special way. His teaching style made tennis fun and exciting to make you want to train and work hard everyday. I do not think I would have made it through the whole tennis process if I did not find Bill. I will always be thankful that I found a coach that always believed in me and taught me how to compete.
Brennan Boyajian
UNC Chapel Hill, 2008 – present

I have known Bill for 22 years. He taught me to play tennis and coached me throughout my whole junior career until I went to Florida State University on scholarship. I have seen him produce the best juniors in the state and in the country year after year. If you look at the players he has coached and for how long they stay at the academy, it is very impressive. He makes it fun and improves their game.
Steve Weinstein,
FSU, Tennis Coach at BCTA since 2003

I attended Bill Clark Tennis Academy from the time I came to Florida at 11 yrs old until I left to play college tennis at Northwestern University on a full scholarship. Before we came here from California, we had checked out a few of the other local academies but I really was notinterested in a tennis training factory but more of a family style tennis center where I could get serious training in a less rigid setting. At Bill Clark’s academy I was able to maximize my ability without changing the parts of my game that made me a unique player. The Bill Clark program provided me with the confidence and support to become a top junior and top collegiate player and on to a professional career in tennis. On a more personal level, Debbie and Bill provided a home for me where I could not only become the best player I could be but also the best person I could be. They were always there for me and supported me during my wins and losses. Bill taught me that you can train hard and have fun doing it and that’s a major reason that I have and always will have tennis in my life.
Audra Cohen
#1 NCAA, 2006 & 2007